I'm Jay

Hi I'm Jay

editor in chief of this site

Husband, dad of two daughters, avid traveler , resident expert in handling our stove and oven and bit of a web geek.

I’ve been around the www since day one (day two actually if you include Tim Berners-Lee’s NeXT server) starting with installing and running Mosaic end 1993 and essentially creating one of the first corporate intranets around. I was a 3rd level Customer Support Engineer back then and figured it would be a useful tool for providing support information. I seem to have made a career out of it since then.

I spend my days working the future for HP’s Innovation Horizontal where I’ve already done some some cool things.
You can read more about that in my resume.  Read my Resume Online or download it below.

I BBQ and grill.  I’m always itching to travel.
I require regular large doses of sunshine. And beaches.
And G&T’s.

Read my Resume Online